About IBD U:
IBD U (IBD University) is a resource portal with tips and info to help you as you transition from pediatric care to adult care, for teens with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's Disease. Click through Education, Lifestyle, Healthcare and Self Help for more!

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Watch and listen to your peers discuss issues that effect you.

Here's where you can get the lowdown on IBD: What causes it? What are all the meds about?
Stay prepared with work and school. Think ahead and plan for the ups and downs of your IBD. Check out these resources that will help you as you make the transition to adult care.
Change is tough, especially when you're living with IBD. Wherever you are, your living space, class or work schedules, and new friends will probably bring up a whole new set of lifestyle choices. In this section, we'll address good health habits with things like sleep, exercise, and sex.
Self Help
Here's how to implement your plan from the resources on this site to succeed in college, at work, or just in your everyday life.

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