If you've been covered by your parents' health insurance, be sure to find out how long you're eligible. Some plans won't cover you past the age of 18 no matter what, and some will cover you until your early 20s as long as you're enrolled in school. If you're working, find out what your employer has to offer.
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Self Help 101: Real-Life Skills for Next Level Success

This section will give you ideas about how to implement your plan to succeed in college or the workforce.


If you're headed to college, read on. If you're headed to the workforce, skip to PAGE 2.

Attitude is key! College can be stressful -- and as we've said, stress can have a negative effect on your immune system and increase your chances of having a flare-up. Here are some simple stress management techniques that will help improve how you feel by changing your actions and thoughts.

From the Outside In: How Can I Change What I DO?

From the Inside Out: How Can I Change What I THINK?

Positive thinking can help you feel better, and help your body function better!


Are you a parent of a teen with IBD? Go to the Advice and Resources for Parents section.



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